- CD: Il Cembalo di Partenope: A Renaissance Harpsichord Tale by Catalina Vicens

CD: Il Cembalo di Partenope: A Renaissance Harpsichord Tale by Catalina Vicens


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Il Cembalo di Partenope: A Renaissance Harpsichord Tale, performed by Catalina Vicens

First-ever full recording of an almost 500-year-old instrument masterpiece. Experience the haunting beauty of the National Music Museum's 'Neapolitan' harpsichord, ca. 1530 -- the world's oldest playable harpsichord and one of the most significant historic keyboard instruments in existence -- as expertly played by international historic-keyboard artist and scholar Catalina Vicens. Renaissance Neapolitan works from 16th-century composers like Antonio Valente, Bartolomeo Tromboncino, and Marco Antonio Cavazzoni come alive in Vicens' masterful interpretations and on this finely-preserved period instrument. 

The CD comes with a free audiobook download of an imaginative story written and narrated by Ms. Vicens herself and accompanied with original music from the CD.

About the harpsichord: Unsigned/maker unknown, Neapolitan school, ca. 1530. Inner/outer case. Single manual, C/E-c3 (4 octaves), 1 × 8'. Purchase funds from the William Selz Estate, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford E. Graese Fund, and Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Rawlins Fund, 2009. Permanent collection of the National Music Museum, Vermillion, South Dakota (NMM 14408) .

Carpe Diem Records 2017        Duration 66'33''

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 Track List  

  1. Valente: Fantasia del primo tono
  2. Capriola: La villanella
  3. Valente: Gagliarda napolitana
  4. Cabezon: Obra sobre cantus firmus
  5. Tromboncino: Amor quando fioriva...  
  6. Ranier: Me lassera tu mo  
  7. Dalza: Calata ala spagnola   
  8. Tromboncino: Poi che volse...
  9. Dalza: Pavana alla ferrarese
  10. Fogliano: Ricerchare
  11. Cara: Cantai mentre nel core
  12. Cara: Per dolor mi bagno el viso
  13. Tromboncino: Stavasi amor
  14. Tromboncino: Che farala che dirala
  15. Cavazzoni: Recercada di ma ca...
  16. Cavazzoni/Desprez: Plus ne regres
  17. Veggio: Vi' (Villano) recercada
  18. Cavazzoni: Madame vous aves...
  19. Veggio: Recercada per b quadro...
  20. de Sermisy/Veggio: Tant que vivray
  21. Dentice: Volta de spagna
  22. Monte/Valente: Sortemplus disminuita
  23. Willaert/Valente: Chi la dirra
  24. Valente: Recercata del primo tono