- CD: Sayuk - Together in Harmony, Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble

CD: Sayuk - Together in Harmony, Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble


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CD: Sayuk:  Together in Harmony, performed by The Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble

The Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble, under Director Joko Sutrisno, first performed on the NMM's Javanese gamelan, Kyai Rengga Manis Everist, when it arrived in Vermillion in mid-July 2000, and again at the gamelan's naming ceremony in April 2003.  Featured soloists: Joko Sutrisno, I.M. Harjito, and Midiyanto.  This enhanced CD also contains information about, and photographs of, selected instruments in the Kyai Rengga Manis Everist gamelan, made by Ud Soepoyo, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, 1999 (purchase funds gift of Margaret Ann Everist, Sioux City, Iowa, 1999), as well as twenty-three photos related to the recording project.

Minneapolis:  Indonesian Performing Arts Association of Minnesota, 2007.  Duration: 71' 30"

CD - Sayuk, Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble 

 Track List (click links below to hear MP3 excerpts):

1. Ladrang, Sri Wibowo-Srepeg, Laras Slendro Pathet Songo (1904)

2. Gendhing, Titipati, Kethuk 2 Kerep Minggah 4, Laras Slendro Pathet Enem (ca. 1820-1823)

3. Ketawang, Manggung Sore, Laras Slendro Pathet Manyuro, arranged by Marto Pengrawit (1954)

4. Ketawang Gendhing, Sumedhang, Ketuk 2 Kerep Minggah, and Ladrang, Kapidhondhong, Laras Pelog Pathet Enem (19th century)

5. Ketawang, Sari, Laras Pelog Pathet Limo by Joko Sutrisno (2005)

6. Lancaran, Sayuk-Sampak, Laras Pelog Pathet Barang by Marto Pengrawit (1950), arranged by Joko Sutrisno

7. Lagu, Pemut, Laras Pelog Pathet Enem by Joko Sutrisno (2007)