- Book: Beethoven & Berlioz

Book: Beethoven & Berlioz


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Beethoven & Berlioz, Paris & Vienna:  Musical Treasures from the Age of Revolution & Romance 1789-1848

Full-color, 88-page exhibition catalog, featuring more than 70 musical instruments and bows from the Museum's collections, with text by André P. Larson, Founding Director (1973-2011), and an essay by John Koster, Conservator (2003).

Book - Beethoven and Berlioz

Among the musical instruments featured are the following:

* Violin, The Harrison, by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, Italy, 1693
* Viola by Nicola Bergonzi, Cremona, 1781
* Violoncello, the King, by Andrea Amati, Cremona, ca. 1547
* Violin bow attributed to the workshop of Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, ca. 1700
* Two violins, a violin/viola, a viola, and a cello by Chanot & Lété, Paris, ca. 1819
* Violin bows by Tourte, Paris, ca. 1790-1810
* Flute by J. Heinrich Grenser, Dresden, ca. 1796-1806
* Crystal flute by Claude Laurent, Paris, ca. 1817
* Oboe by Jakob Friedrich Grundmann, Dresden, 1784
* Clarinet in A by August Grenser, Dresden, 1785
* Ivory clarinet by François Lefévre, Paris, ca. 1835
* Bassoon by Heinrich Grenser, Dresden, ca. 1796-1806
* Bassoon by Jean Nicholas Savary Jeune, Paris, 1823
* Contrabassoon by Franz Hell, Brünn (Brno), Moravia (The Czech Republic), ca. 1830
* Trumpet by Ernst Johann Conrad Haas, Imperial City of Nürnberg, 1765
* Invention trumpets in F by Michael Saurle, Munich, 1806
* Slide trumpet in F by Charles Pace, London, 1834
* Keyed bugle by Charles-Joseph Sax, Brussels, ca. 1840
* Cor solo by Joseph R. Raoux and/or Lucien-Joseph Raoux, Paris, after 1780
* Cornet by Marcel August Raoux, Paris, ca. 1840
* Orchestra horn by Charles-Joseph Sax, Brussels, ca. 1845
* Serpent Forveille by Turlot, Paris, ca. 1825
* Ophicleide by Adolphe Sax, Paris, ca. 1840
* Alto saxophone by Adolphe Sax, Paris, ca. 1860
* Timpani, Austria or Bavaria, 18th century
* Schellenbaum (Turkish crescent, Jingling Johnny), Markneukirchen, 19th century
* Harp by Jean Henri Naderman, Paris, 1797
* Guitar by Antoine Aubry, Mirecourt, 1779
* Choral mandolino (mandolin), The Cutler-Challen, by Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1680
* Mandolin by Antonio Vinaccia, Naples, 1772
* Accordion attributed to M. Busson, Paris, ca. 1830
* Physharmonika (reed organ) by Ph. I. Trayser & Co., Stuttgart, ca. 1847
* Harmonium by Alexandre & Fils, Paris, ca. 1844-1855
* Grand piano by Anton Martin Thÿm, Vienna, ca. 1815
* Square piano by André Stein 'of Augsburg,' Vienna, ca. 1825
* Grand piano by Ignace Pleyel & Cie, Paris, ca. 1830
* Grand piano by Nannette Streicher und Sohn, Vienna, 1829
* Glass armonica, France, ca. 1785
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