- CD: Three of Us Again (Polka)

CD: Three of Us Again (Polka)


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The Three of Us Again

Shrine to Music Museum Schottische and other waltz and polka tunes performed by Willy Zeamer, percussion; John F. Check, accordion; and, John D. Check, tuba

Green Bay, Wisconsin: North Star Appli., undated.  Duration:  64' 45"

CD - Three of Us Again

Track List:

  1.  Rosholt Polka
  2.  Kinder Polka
  3.  The West, A Nest and You Waltz
  4.  Hei De Ho Polka
  5.  Midwinter Waltz
  6.  Delta Polka
  7.  St. Paul Waltz
  8.  Gopherland Polka
  9.  For Old Time's Sake Waltz
10.  Jolly Lumberjack Polka
11.  Pop's Waltz
12.  Sunny Side of the Street
13.  Tyrolian Waltz
14.  Good Afternoon Polka
15.  Little Sweetheart Waltz
16.  Minneapolis Polka
17.  Oklahoma Waltz
18.  Days Gone By Polka
19.  No One Knows Waltz
20.  Under the Tree Polka
21.  Rendezvous Waltz
22.  Katrinka Polka
23.  Shrine to Music Museum Schottische
24.  The Three of Us Waltz
25.  Twilight Time