- CD: The Three of Us Again and Again (Polka)

CD: The Three of Us Again and Again (Polka)


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The Three of Us:  Again and Again

Polkas, waltzes, and popular tunes performed by John F. Check, John D. Check, and Willy Zeamer. 

Green Bay, Wisconsin: North Star Appli., 2006.  Duration:  59' 36"

CD - Three of Us Again and Again

Track List

  1. Leaf Raker Polka
  2.  Waltz with Cactus
  3.  Pesty Polka
  4.  A Lonely Soldier Waltz
  5.  Here Comes Trouble Polka
  6.  You're Kidding Waltz
  7.  I Dropped My Brat in Johnsonville Polka
  8.  Professor's Waltz
  9.  Skater's Polka
10.  Night and Day
11.  Grandma's Rocking Polka
12.  Miss You Waltz
13.  Dawn to Dusk Polka
14.  Burlington Polka
15.  Let Me Call You Sweetheart
16.  How True Polka
17.  Finders Keepers Waltz
18.  Just Because
19.  Quiet Moments Waltz
20.  I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face